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If you have any questions about using the virtual plant labs, you are welcome to send them to

This site is a new endeavor so please understand it may take a bit of time to reply to your request. As we gain more user feedback and experience with this website, FAQs and additional support material will be added to help.

My hope for this site and the recorded deminar series is to develop and communicate a deeper understanding of instrumentation, valves, and process control. As worldwide users have access to the virtual control room experience, the individual will be able to discover, innovate, and generate process control improvements to make their own plants more efficient and productive.

Access to more information on my writings and other projects is available on the blog.

If you have specific questions or needs, you can use the form below to email Greg McMillan.

Recorded Deminars

Split Range Control - Greg McMillan Deminar
Split Range Control
Dynamic Compensation of Feedforward Signals
PID Deadtime Compensation
Process Control Improvement Primer - Greg McMillan Deminar
Process Control Improvement Primer
PID Control of Runaway Processes- Greg McMillan Deminar
PID Control of Runaway Processes
PID Control of True Integrating Processes
PID Tuning for Near-Integrating Processes
PID Tuning for Self-Regulating Processes
Online Process Control Lab - Access and Use
PID Enhancement for Sampled Measurements
PID Control of Valve Sticktion and Backlash
PID Control of Slow Valves and Secondary Loops

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