Welcome to the dynamic world of process control.

To connect to a Virtual Plant you will need to use LogMeIn. LogMeIn is a free service that allows remote access, from behind a firewall, to a remote workstation.

Connecting to a Remote Workstation

For further instructions, visit the Deminar Instructions page.

Recorded Deminars

Split Range Control - Greg McMillan Deminar
Split Range Control
Dynamic Compensation of Feedforward Signals
PID Deadtime Compensation
Process Control Improvement Primer - Greg McMillan Deminar
Process Control Improvement Primer
PID Control of Runaway Processes- Greg McMillan Deminar
PID Control of Runaway Processes
PID Control of True Integrating Processes
PID Tuning for Near-Integrating Processes
PID Tuning for Self-Regulating Processes
Online Process Control Lab - Access and Use
PID Enhancement for Sampled Measurements
PID Control of Valve Sticktion and Backlash
PID Control of Slow Valves and Secondary Loops

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